Ontong Java possible extinct ridge

ID: 3-6

Ocean: Pacific
Spreading centre type: Large-scale extinct mid-ocean ridge
Time of cessation: Ca. 86 Ma (Chandler et al., 2012)
Cessation style: Not constrained by available data
Later deformation or volcanism: Significant plume related volcanism likely

Review of previous studies:

The Ontong Java extinct spreading centre is proposed in the (Seton et al., 2012) north of Fiji and is situated between the Ontong Java Plateau to the west and the Manihiki Plateau to the south east. The spreading centre may have been part of the Pacific-Phoenix plate boundary and is thought to have ceased spreading during early stages of the Cretaceous Quiet Zone (CTQZ).

Suggested reasons for cessation:

A major plate-boundary reorganization in the Pacific in the Cretaceous (Mammerickx and Sharman, 1988).

Observations and comments:

There are insufficient constraints on the location of the past spreading centre in this region and no convincing linear surface bathymetric or gravity feature that has similarity with an extinct ridge. Therefore this ridge was not included in our statistical analysis and further work is required to identify the extinct spreading centre.


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Maps showing the location of extinct ridge segments

Depth profiles across the axes of extinct ridge segments

Gravity profiles across the axes of extinct ridge segments